Ibiza with Heavy N/S Damage to 1/4 Panel, Lamp Panel, Inner & Outer Panel, Tailgate & Bumper

The Ibiza came into AMS with very heavy n/s rear damage to 1/4 panel,lamp panel,inner & outer rear panel, tailgate & rear bumper.

If you look closely at the photo you can see that from the impact the tailgate is sitting 2″ above the roof panel & also the rear & lamp panel is sitting 2″ in from the heavy impact.

AMS used a second hand tailgate & rear bumper. A new n/s 1/4 panel & rear outer panel.

The car was jigged using our body dozer pulled square & measured. The n/s 1/4 panel was replaced and the car was prepped ready for the final paint.

The car was then repaired, painted, re-fitted, flat & polished, ready for the customer to collect.

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