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Quality resprays & accident damage

At AMS Accident Repair Centre, all our work is fully guaranteed and finished to the highest standard. We only use manufacturer approved panels (unless you specify otherwise), and will accept panels supplied.

Fancy a change of colour to your vehicle or the paintwork is looking a bit tired? Speak to AMS, we offer quality resprays at competitive prices. View case study here>

Our repairs are completed properly in 2K water based OCTORAL paints, not acrylic like some “smart repairs”. AMS paint repairs are also “cured” in a low bake oven, NOT left to air dry, resulting in a superior repair compared to smart repairs.

Note: paint left to air dry will cure on the surface creating a skin, when the weather becomes hot enough typically (27°C) the paint underneath then cures creating shrinkage.

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Unlike others, we offer a comprehensive Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Service. We repair and refurbish alloys properly using ground aluminium filler and finish in scratch resistant clear coat paint, creating a longer lasting superior finish, view case study here>.

Small dents & scuffs

We employ skilled technicians that can massage a metal panel to return it to the original profile. Most dents can be totally removed, with some dents it is possible to improve them to the point where they are far less noticeable meaning you can avoid the cost of repainting the panel.

Prices from as little as £60.00 and discounts available for multiple panel repairs.

Plastic welds & bumper repairs

95% of all car bumpers in the UK are of plastic construction. Its no wonder then that so many get scuffed and cracked. AMS uses the latest plastic welding equipment, capable of repairing most plastics in use on today’s modern vehicles.

Bumpers and Body kits can usually be repaired or welded without having to remove. Providing a quick and cost effective alternative to the replacement of the damaged part.

Fancy something a little bit different to make your car stand out?

Try AMS’s Pro Customz, we can turn your “run of the mill” car into something with a bit of “bling”. See more about Pro Customz

AMS accident damage specialists repair ALL makes of vehicle:

Repair ALL makes of vehicle