Fiesta Zetec O/S Rear Wheelarch Ripped Away from Panel

The damage was caused by the car reversing into something sharp resulting in cutting the O/S rear wheelarch off the panel like a can opener.

The lady came into AMS in a panic as the wheelarch was hanging off leaving a sharp jagged edge. We straightened & tacked the arch back into place using our mig welder. The car was then booked in for repair.

The wheel arch was seam welded & then repaired using a light skim of body filler, 2k primed, prepped & painted in 2k cob mica.

The car was then put back together flat & polished, valeted & delivered back to customer who was over the moon as she had been quoted £1,600 to have a new 1/4 panel fitted.

This job was completed for £280.

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