BMW M3 Complete Makeover

The car had been originally wrapped in white. The wrap had been removed by the owner, to reveal all razor blade scars which were beginning to show signs of rust. The car was completely stripped & all windows were removed. The panels were repaired and made ready for paint. All chrome was removed & prepped to be painted in piano black as requested by the owner. A rare CLS fibre glass boot was supplied by owner which was also prepped & made ready for paint.

The roof was painted first in piano black & was made to look like glass as requested. This was then masked off & the car was painted in the original colour. The whole car was then painted in 5 coats of PPG lacquer.

All paint was mixed on site using the latest PPG base coat & lacquer. All other parts of the car were then painted individually in the various colours.

The car was then re-built, block flatted with 2000 grade paper, then 3 staged polished, & finally hand glazed to achieve its final finish.

AMS puts all its trust in PPG re-finishing products.

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